Further Reading for Victims/Survivors & Facilitators

Intended to encourage a greater understanding of the experiences of victims, co-victims, survivors, offenders, law enforcement and corrections professionals, advocates, and service providers, these titles call attention to the wide and complex range of issues that can arise in the work of facilitating victim offender dialogues in crimes of severe violence. Books that are appropriate to more than one category may appear in them all.

Very few students of this work could or would make the time to read all of the books in these lists, but making yourself aware of the issues they explore will encourage a greater awareness in your pursuits. For some, the titles alone help to raise awareness by implying new questions, and the list itself is thus worth patient perusal. And although dialogue facilitators are not therapists, the work of facilitators is most certainly therapeutically informed. For this reason, a few books written for trained therapists are also included here, as the experience, insight, and understanding of those authors are relevant to some of the preparation work that facilitators do with both victims/survivors and offenders.

Book Summaries are gleaned or copied from publisher descriptions, book contents, or library catalogs.

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