Survivors Changing the World!

Why focus on Victims/Survivors who are changing the world?

Many Survivors of violent crime have decided to positively impact the world and the lives of others through their own initiatives and endeavors.  While these game-changing initiatives and efforts may not be widely known, more and more individuals are being called to use their voices and/or create organizations to fight against violent crime and offer support to others who were forced to experience what no one ever chooses to endure.  While no survivor should have to feel responsible for the safety of others, the yearning to “do something” seems to be a part of the  journey for many.  We have found especially:

  • They want to prevent future victimization, especially if they discover something that might have kept them or their loved ones safe.
  • They want to inspire other survivors hold to account the person who chose to harm them, if they themselves were successful in doing so.
  • They want to create systems which better enable accountability if they were not successful in doing so.
  • They want other victims/survivors, and society, to truly understand, what they came to understand more fully: that what happened to them was not in any way their fault.
  • They want other victims/survivors to find and receive the support they need.

As we combed the Internet gathering initiatives, diving deeper into each to index its history and mission, and getting to know survivors, their voices, and their justice-seeking efforts, we were moved and inspired and changed, ourselves.

To feel the impact of these efforts as a whole, we invite you to search and explore widely and deeply.

To search these initiatives you can limit by focus, and/or entered keyword.  Within the results you can open the initiative website in a new tab by clicking on the website address, or at the bottom of a “card” you can choose to “view details” and move from detail page to detail page to see the history and mission of each before connecting directly by clicking on the website link in blue.

If you know about a survivor initiative we should include, please submit it here.

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