Resource Links for Victims/Survivors



~ Homicide

~ Intimate Partner & Domestic Violence

~ Child Sexual Victimization, Coercion, and Exploitation

~ Sexual Assault & Adult Sexual Violation



Office for Victims of Crime (OVC)

Office for Victims of Crime

National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC)

National Center for Victims of Crime

National Crime Victim Law Institute – Victim Resource Map

The National Crime Victim Bar Association

Victim Connect – Support and information by Crime Type

Corrections-based Victim Services by State

Some of these will note that VOD is offered, but some, including states that do offer VOD, may not make note of this on their site. Interested survivors will in any case want and need to inquire through their Contact link.

     (STate Links and, if available, STate VOD Links)

Victims Compensation links by State



Gift From Within

PTSD & Trauma Support, includes some sections on grief, sexual violation, and domestic & interpersonal violence.

Trauma Recovery Centers model (As of 01/20, centers open in CA, IA, IL, OH)

Introduced to leaders beyond California by the Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ), a national sister organization to Californians for Safety and Justice, launched in 2016 with the similar goal of reducing incarceration and reinvesting in community health and safety in states across the country.
(Comment: While the parent organization’s goal is to reduce incarceration, trauma care for survivors of violent crime is being promoted as essential to this end.)  
Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice is another organization under this umbrella.  They advocate and provide platforms for survivor’s of violent crime to tell their stories. This we applaud. However, we always take caution and are aware of perils surrounding any outcome oriented platform (goal of reducing incarceration).  Victim/Survivors need total power over how they tell their stories.  We provide the link with this caution: Outcome oriented platforms may cause secondary victimization for those survivors who do not share the goal.

Trauma Informed for Crime Victims

A little dated, but still has valuable articles.