Published Articles

Jon Wilson has published articles on a range of justice topics, including victim offender dialogue and victim-centered restorative justice.


  • Real Justice. Hope magazine, Fall 1999.
    A growing movement is bringing offenders face-to-face with their victims — and possibly preventing future crimes.
  • Crying for Justice. Hope magazine, Winter 2000.
    How a Texas program offers victims of crime extraordinary opportunities to meet with their offenders, inspiring new definitions of accountability and new possibilities for healing.
  • Sharing Secrets. Hope magazine, November/December 2003.
    We all long to be heard, but how good are we at listening?
  • Victim-Centered Restorative Justice: An Essential Distinction
    (from Crime Victims Report, September/October 2005)
    When we insist on a victim-centered restorative justice distinction, the promise of this approach for healing and justice and accountability returns. The philosophy finally becomes properly anchored again.
  • A Need to Be Heard: Victim-Centered VOD in Father-Daughter Incest Cases
    by Jon Wilson (from Crime Victims Report, Vol. 12, Number 2, May/June, 2008)
    Among providers of counseling services for victims/survivors of violence and violation, some believe that facilitated victim offender dialogue (VOD) in father-daughter incest cases is not a good idea. For those who have worked with survivors of such betrayal, violation, and victimization, their caution is understandable.