Jennifer Mitchell

  Senior Research and Information Management Specialist

Jennifer came to JUST Alternatives in 2007 with fifteen years of experience in Research and Information Management. With an MS in Information Studies from Florida State University and a Bachelor’s in Comparative and Social Justice Politics from the University of Florida, she brought her previous work as a college librarian together with her lifelong interest in a just world. Her travel experiences through Thailand, Indonesia, Ghana, Cuba, Italy, and Germany, as well as teaching English in Taiwan for 18 months, and living for 10 years at the end of the road in Key West, Florida provided very fertile soil for her role here.

During the past 13 years she has completely streamlined information retrieval at JUST Alternatives by creating and strengthening a standardized victim-centered justice vocabulary/taxonomy to be systematically applied across our media types, including books, films, videos, audios, websites, peer-reviewed articles, and JUST Alternatives-produced media for VOD Facilitator Trainings.

Through the process of gathering and researching topics such as common reactions to, and impacts and after-effects of, different victimizations and violations, she has become an unwavering advocate (especially when asked about “Restorative Justice”) for an expanded awareness of the true impacts of crime on victims/survivors, and the critical need for victim-centered, victim/survivor-focused justice processes, innovations, and outcomes.

Jen has tamed both old and new technologies here at JUST Alternatives, to advance and support our goals and objectives, including our support of individual victims/survivors in case work, and in material for our Trainings. She enjoys being behind the scenes, using all she has learned here about the real impacts of crime with the everyday folk in her daily life, and she is grateful for a position in which she can use her technical acumen in ways that make the world just a little bit better.